Wpionic-material Demo

Demo coming soon. Update I have not got time to maintain this project. If you are interested to continue the development of WP Ionic Material, please feel free to contact me.

WordPress Ionic Material Design App Instructions

Wpionic-material is a multi-platform mobile application built using ionic framework. It uses wordpress api to get and post data from/to your wordpress site. Ionic uses Cordova to build application archives for Android and Ios Platforms. WP Ionic material design Installation: Install wp-api plugin to your wordpress site. Download wordpress ionic material app source code. Change var server = ‘http://demo.wp-api.org/’;continue reading

Story of Matter and Consciousness

Today I want to tell you all a story. It’s about you, about me, about everything else. It’s about matter and consciousness. I want you to think about something small. When we think what the human body is made up of, finally we end up with atoms of some of the basic elements. Hydrogen andcontinue reading

PHP Delete multiple files if name contains..

I wanted to delete thousands of thumbnails mixed with original images using php. There were no easy solutions available in Windows without extra tools. (Dint want command solution either) Here is the script i used to delete multiple files with names containing “word” in them. Note: We need a php server to run this script.

Adding Multiple Hosts in WAMP

Today I was working with my local server and came across a unique situation. I had thousands of WordPress autogenerated images and thumbnails in a local drive. The size was huge. I had to delete only thumbnails with names of special patterns and Windows didn’t give me an option to do that. Quickly I camecontinue reading

Create a free website in 3 Simple Steps

You will be surprised to know that creating a free website is really easy. I have divided this procedure into three steps. Also, I have provided useful links in every step to make it easier. Ok… Let us get started. Register Free domain name. Click here to register free domain name. Search for a requiredcontinue reading

Photoshop Simple Tutorial in 4 Easy Steps

Introduction: What is Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image-editing tool to produce complex graphics for the web and for print. Photoshop lets you create, refine, and optimize Web graphics with ease, or produce Web animations, rollover effects, and other dynamic Web graphics. It has a powerful set of Web tools for optimizing and previewingcontinue reading