About Karthik Bhat

Hi, I am Karthik Bhat. I work as Lead Software Engineer in New Technology Services, Bangalore, a NewsCorp subsidiary.

I started my IT career by starting my own e-commerce business in Mangalore kudlakart.com. Initially, I started the development of the website with Drupal and soon realized the complexity of the Drupal ecosystem for a beginner. I quickly switched to WordPress and WooCommerce which tough me good development skills in WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript in general. I also started listing products on the website, contacted vendors to list the products, did some social network marketing, tried to raise funds, etc. However, a successful e-commerce business requires a lot more than just a website and hard work. I had to take make a choice of stopping the website services and move to Bangalore for stabilizing my career.

Bangalore Days

I joined a startup in Bangalore so that I could learn as much as possible in a short period of time. That decision was not wrong. I could work on a number of projects ranging from multiple local vendors’ websites, e-commerce sites to an education management system. I learned a lot of technologies in the Software industry including Laravel, AngularJS, Cordova, NodeJS, Python, etc. The next step in the ladder was a company named Campus Diaries where I again got to Work on a complex Drupal-based project. This time it was not complex anymore. There I also got a chance to lear a large number of AWS services.

Campus Diaries did not do well for a long time. I had to switch. This time it was Gyanmatrix. NewsCorp acquired the company and renamed to News Technology Services. Initially, I worked on multiple websites of the company. After that, I got a chance to Work on architecting a new hosting platform for a large number of high traffic websites. We named the platform as “Cloudfusion”. We as a team used Python in this project for system-level programming. The project is a bundle of modules to create and update resources in the Cloud. Today I can proudly say that Cloudfusion is one of the greatest projects I developed with other team members. Cloudfusion feature list is never-ending: Docker, Containerization, deployment automation, rapid autoscaling, cost optimization you name it. Now I lead a team of 10 members including Developers, System Engineers, and QAs, who also work on other projects ranging from WordPress, React, Angular, Jenkins, CircleCI and more.

Whenever I get some free time I like to write my experiences here in this blog. I am sure you will find it interesting 🙂 Happy reading!