Story of Matter and Consciousness

Today I want to tell you all a story. It’s about you, about me, about everything else. It’s about matter and consciousness.

  1. I want you to think about something small. When we think what the human body is made up of, finally we end up with atoms of some of the basic elements. Hydrogen and carbon. It is the same for any other living being’s body or a non-living thing like stone but the element is different. Maybe carbon and Ferrum. Same for blood, same for the brain. Now I want you to think where does this life comes from when these atoms combine together and form a body or where does the consciousness comes from when it forms the brain.
  2. I also want you to think something big. This earth rotates in 24 hours, revolves around Sun in a year or our solar system revolves around something else in around 25000 years. WHY..? How big is this existence..? There is some system behind it or there is some consciousness. Where does this system come from?
    Yes. Confusing. Even for Einstein or Hawkins. Two of the great scientists this earth has ever seen. One tried to see the infinitesimally small and another infinitely big.

Now let us try their methods…

  1. Let us zoom in each atom and search for life. People knew about atom some centuries ago. Then they found out neutrons, protons, and electrons. Now we have Higgs Boson. No life yet. Let us zoom in more. There will never be anything special.
  2. Ok… Now let’s zoom out. Solar system, galaxy, black holes…

The point here is, we can search life or consciousness or GOD or some sort of END inside this material world. Whether it’s Einstein or You, we will always fail. Because our perspective is WRONG.

Please think there is NO GOD and NO RELIGION for a moment.
NOW IT’S DEEP THINKING TIME. Understand carefully.
This existence is consciousness. The matter is a part of it. Time is a part of it. So as this life. There is no consciousness inside matter. There is this matter inside consciousness. It is so powerful. It is so calm. It is so beautiful. It is infinite. This is what the GOD is. Don’t search him or her anywhere else. He is within you. She is within everyone else. It is within everything else.