Create a free website in 3 Simple Steps

You will be surprised to know that creating a free website is really easy. I have divided this procedure into three steps. Also, I have provided useful links in every step to make it easier.
Ok… Let us get started.

  1. Register Free domain name.

    Click here to register free domain name.
    Search for a required name. Sometimes the names we think might have already been registered. Don’t worry. Search some alternative good names. After selection, the site takes you through the signup, registration, etc. Complete all the steps and log in. You need to enter ‘name servers’ for your domain name. This is obtained in the next step. ( After registering for web hosting don’t forget to enter name servers. )

  2. Sign up for free web hosting.

    Web hosting is a service to store your files in a server computer.
    Click here to register free web hosting. This step is relatively easy. Website will take you through registration process. After registration log in to your account. You will see control panel. This is the place to manage all important aspects of your website like files, database, mail, users etc. Also you can find ‘name servers’. Copy them and paste in domain registrar name server fields (mentioned in first step). This will tell the registered domain name to look for files in this server. Next and Final step is to develop a good website.
    Create Free website

  3. Upload files.

    Learn basic web designing languages and techniques like HTML, CSS, etc. You can build your own website or download a good free website templates and edit them according to your need. Click here to find some free templates. After preparing your site, upload all the files to your server. To upload files, simply login to your hosting account ( Cpanel ), navigate to ‘file manager’ and upload files. Mission completed. Visit your site, there it is!