How to make Dynamic WordPress Theme Development

There are many wordpress themes out there which look promosing enough to fulfill your design needs. But many of them fail to do so. The problem is they are not dynamic. They are not pluggable. Here are some tips for WordPress Theme Development and to overcome the issue mentioned.

WordPress Theme Development Best Practices:

  • Study some of the best WordPress themes. Eg: WordPress Default Theme, Underscores (pronounced Underscores), Latest WordPress Theme etc.
  • Keep your code neat and well commented.
  • Add actions and filters wherever necessary.
  • Follow WordPress coding specifications.
  • Use themecheck plugin to check the compatibility of your theme.
  • Install at least 20 to 30 popular plugins to check compatibility.
  • Think with user and author perspective.
  • List out some of the best websites in world wide web. Build similar websites by creating child themes for your theme.

Wordpress Theme Backend

There you go. Finally.. WordPress has a better theme. 😉

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