Boto3 Single Session across the project

How to create a single boto3 session and use it across a python project? Here is the solution: Create Paste the following code: import boto3 import os class Session: session = None def __init__(self): self.get_session() @classmethod def get_session(cls): if cls.session is None: cls.session = cls.start_session() return cls.session @staticmethod def start_session(): if ‘AWS_ROLE_ACCESS_KEY’ in os.environ:More

Fetch Single Github File in Python

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I was recently working on a private project. We had to fetch a single GitHub file from a private Github repository without hardcoding the token or setting it as an environment variable. I could not easily find a ready solution. So prepared one. I am posting the solutionMore

Best Blogging Tools you will ever need

This is a comprehensive list of Tools and services that I use to create and maintain a blogging site. Are you looking to start a blogging website or looking for the tools required to improve your user experience or to improve SEO score? You have come to the right place. Keep reading to better understandMore