Why Firebase Admin – Development Reasons

This post is about the firebase management tool we recently developed at Codefoxes – Firebase Admin. I will try to explain why we developed it and the uses of the tool.

Firebase Admin in Realtime

Firebase is a modern NoSQL database system that handles data in realtime. The best thing about firebase is that it can push the data to every connected client instantaneously. There is no need for repeated requests and responds cycles to get the latest data from the server. Make a request to firebase once and every time data changes, it will push those changes to the apps in realtime. Ya! That’s really nice. The good news is.. it is one of many such features firebase offers us.

We recently started using firebase for one of our projects. The project had to handle really huge data. Once we started the development we had to test database queries. We had to log the results or use debugging to test queries. Sometimes we had to visit the dashboard (called the firebase console) to check our data. It would be really nice to have a tool for testing. Soon we realized that there is no such tool available in the market.

Electron for the rescue

Electron is a cross-platform desktop application development tool maintained by GitHub. Initially, we developed a clone of firebase console so that users need not visit the console if they are using our tool. After that we added a query mode where we can run queries and view the output below. The project is open-source and available on Github page.

Our goal is to make this tool similar to Robomongo for MongoDB or PHPMyAdmin for MySQL. So we need to enhance firebase admin so that it can handle most of the firebase features like user management, authentication, file upload, etc. Currently, we listed important features that will be added to the next release.

Speed of Angular JS

The application is developed using Angularjs for rapid development. Angular has a very small learning curve and has a large community that will help us to get more contributions and make Firebase Admin grow. We welcome developers who can contribute to our project.

Firebase Admin Screenshot


Contributing to Firebase Admin is easy.

  1. Create an issue for the new feature or bug.
  2. Fork the repository.
  3. Clone it to your machine using: git clone.
  4. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Create a pull request.

That’s all! We will merge your code and add it in the next release.

Final note, we will continuously develop and improve Firebase Admin and keep it up to date as it grows.

Happy coding! Happy Firebasing!

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