Meaning of my name: Karthik Bhat

Karthik Bhat (Samskrith: कार्तिक भट् , Kannada: ಕಾರ್ತಿಕ್ ಭಟ್)

I am curious to tell you about my name.

Wikipedia says Karthik means Karthikeya, Son of lord shiva. But Karthikeya means son of Karthika. Therefore Karthik means Shiva. By the way, both are characters of mythological stories called smrithis. More information about smrithis? I will post here soon. The second part of my name Bhat is a surname of Brahmin (Just means “One who knows about God”. But NOT A CAST), which in-turn has in-depth meanings.

Samskrith is the oldest language in the world, and I am proud to know this language and hence the meaning of my name.


As a theory, this all makes sense. But the last thing I need to say is: I am god and you are that. The existence and consciousness everywhere in this universe are the same and are the very cause of this universe. Brahma.

That’s all about my name.

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