How to make money quickly and Easily in India

How to make money easily? Of course it is one of the toughest questions to answer.

Earning money is not at all a tough thing to do. But how to make it quick and easy? Let us dive into some of the main ideas.

  1. Sell your goods: First easy way to earn is to sell your stuff. If you have some goods which you do not use often, then sell ’em. What goods can i sell?? Well.. Sky is the limit. Old mobile phones, printer, speakers, books, computer, any unused accessories you find at home, even your vehicle if you don’t need them anymore. This idea usually will help when you are in real need of money. Unless you don’t have any other idea, don’t use this idea. Where can i sell these? You can sell offline or sign up for classified sites like, quikr or olx. Its up to you to choose the platform. Chances are more if you go online.
  2. Open a local store: This method requires lots of investment and effort. Once you have good investment and will to work hard this idea should work. To start a local business, select a good field, preferably a field you are interested in. Choose a good location. Prepare a very good business plan (spend good time with this step) and Implement it. Tips: Present your business to the world with lots of appealing advertisements like banner ads, paper ads, online ads, social media promotion etc, Avoid partnership unless it is necessary, Be polite with your customers for any reason, Follow legal steps. Work yourself.
  3. Start an online business: Online business or ecommerce is one of the fastest growing business types in India. Be a part of it. Starting Ecommerce business is not a tough job. Think of a good domain name (eg: Register domain name with a shared server which will cost less than Rs. 5000 for a year. If you have good knowledge about computer, build website yourself by choosing any opensource ecommerce website builders like prestashop, opencart, Or hire a webdesigner who will create a website with lots of products for Rs.10000 to Rs.20000. Contact suppliers or distributors and have an agreement with them to get uninterrupted supply of goods. Promote your website through advertisements (similar to method 2)
  4. Day Trading and Swing Trading: This is high risk high profit method. DON’T try this without assistance from an experienced trader. Investing your money in Indian stock market will yield good profit, but with lots of precautions, patience and experience. There are hundreds of brokers you can register with to start trading. But always choose the best one. Start trading with low investment. Study the market conditions for some time. Then start trading. ALWAYS be patient.
  5. Low or Zero investment services: Services i refer here includes every types of services you can provide to your customers. This may include marriage consultancy, real estate, printing services, website, software development, graphic design, job consultancy, computer assembly and services and literally thousands more. Identify your interest and start a low investment service.
  6. Sell your ideas: This method is trickier one. Try this only if you are creative. Create or think of something new, which can be bought by someone for much higher price than your investment of time or money. Eg: The creator of whats app Jan Koum sold his idea for few billion dollars

This list can never be a complete list. So.. i will be adding ideas and methods whenever i get something new.

What do you think of this list. Share your ideas!